It all began with a love for coffee. The founders of a small roastery called 'E&B Coffee' wanted to help people enjoy better coffee. Way better coffee. Truly fresh roasted, sourced from responsible farms with organic practices. Their initials were printed on every bag, E for Erin and B for Bethany, signifying a commitment to quality and commitment to excellence. E&B Coffee Roasters, a family business, began to grow through pop-up events, wholesale partnerships and eventually a café. They differentiated the brand with a “never snobby” approach and positive employee culture and the quality of our reputation soon landed them in the top 5-10% of local roasters.

But they saw the business as a beginning, not an end in itself. When they learned about the artisans and entrepreneurs at middle-TN-based Narrow Gate (known for high quality, handmade wood and leather goods) there was a sense of kinship and a yearning. The commitment to exceptional quality and people-first practices were identical. They approached Narrow Gate leadership and the response? “Narrow Gate would love to welcome your coffee...if you and your team as well.”

For E&B, this new beginning felt a lot like coming home. Same coffee. Same roasters. Same commitment to our partners and customers. Now part of a bigger family and story with a new name that reflects that — Narrow Gate Coffee Co.

At Narrow Gate, the work of every artisan and entrepreneur tells a story of transformation. Whether it begins with organic beans from natural practice farms around the world, quality cowhide sourced in the USA, or lumber from Middle Tennessee, the purpose and value of the raw materials are revealed in the hands of skilled makers. If you love our coffee, check out Narrow Gate’s leather and wood products and follow us on social. Don't be a stranger!