Royal Maya Decaf

The decaf of your dreams…without interrupting them.

Tasting Notes Tobacco, Nutmeg, Walnut
Processing Mountain Water Processed (MWP)

SKU: cc-mwp


Decaffeinated coffee is a pariah in the coffee world because it’s misunderstood and historically, poorly roasted! That’s not the case here. You will not find a better decaf coffee; we stand behind the quality and taste of our decaf as much as the rest of our roasts. Never again feel like you have to settle for inferior coffee if you don’t want caffeine!

Decaffeinated by the Mountain Water Process, this coffee from Juan and Miriam’s family farm in Nigaragua is free of all chemicals and solvents typically used in the decaffeination process. This single-origin roast is well balanced and medium-bodied, featuring notes of tobacco and nuts.


Fair-Trade Certified, USDA Organic